What is Cartwheel?

Hi! We're a pair of Klaviyo fanatics that are iteratively addressing gaps in Klaviyo's current flows. 

Cartwheel is a Klaviyo integration that is designed to invisibly provide important missing functionality. After a five minute setup on Shopify, you never have to look at it again. Our flows’ setup, triggers, and results are all visible within Klaviyo, just like every other flow.

After speaking with digital marketing experts and merchants, we've compiled a list of features that are commonly asked for. 
So far we've built three of them--

  1. Back In Stock
    Our BIS flow takes the existing Klaviyo BIS Flow and makes it easier to deploy, can be tailored to any theme, and keeps its results in your Klaviyo dashboard. If you provide us a .zip of your store theme, we can support any unsupported theme within 24 hours.
  2. Low Inventory
    When a product crosses an inventory threshold of your choice, this flow sends emails to relevant customers energizing them to purchase the product before it becomes unavailable.
  3. Price Drop
    When you lower a product’s price, our price drop flow triggers emails to customers who abandoned a cart containing that product. You set $ & % thresholds in our app to trigger the emails and then let it run.

Target Audience
Every merchant can benefit from our codeless Back in Stock Flow
Our low inventory flow is best for merchants that typically sell out of product
Our price drop flow is designed for larger stores with price sensitive customers that make frequent price changes.

Our help center gives instructions for how to install our Shopify app and set up each of these flows.
If that's too much work, contact us at support@cartwheel.ai and we'll be happy to set up the flows in your Klaviyo account ourselves.

Beta Launch
As we just got onto the Shopify app store and are rolling out new features, all of our flows will be available for free during our beta.
If you have any ideas for flows or custom automations that you wish existed in Klaviyo, please reach out and let us know.
We're excited to speak with more of you and look forward to helping increase your stores conversions!

The Cartwheel Team