6 Top No-Code Apps for your Product Pages

There are more than 6,000 apps on the Shopify app store. The variety of apps and tools available to merchants to succeed on Shopify is pretty huge. From apps to help with landing reviews for your products, to shipping and fulfillment, to taking your product pages to the next level, these Shopify apps can really transform your Shopify site into a full-fledged brand.

Today we're focusing on six unique no-code apps, specifically focused on customizing your product pages to improve performance across metrics like conversion, add to cart rate, and average order value. Adding apps like these will help you compete with major brands on a global scale.

The global e-commerce market is expected to hit $4.89 trillion this year alone, leaving merchants a great opportunity to capture their current and new audience and boost revenue. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur building a side hustle, a business with a brick-and-mortar venturing into e-commerce, or a major brand, these six no-code apps for your product pages will be life-changing.

Here they are:

  1. Shogun
  2. Junip
  3. Vimotia
  4. Because
  5. Cartwheel
  6. Mode Magic


First on the docket: Shogun. Now we chose this one to start with because they're the leader in page building- AKA building your product pages themselves.

If you're searching for a custom theme to fit your store beyond Shopify's free selection, Shogun lets you customize a theme or build your own through their simple drag and drop features.

Of course, Shogun is completely no-code which gives merchants a powerful and easy tool to customize every page on their Shopify store. They offer a full library of elements needed for you to build a store, from icons to customizable buttons and backgrounds.

They also offer great features that will help conversion on product pages and give you the ability to customize your site regardless of if you're a pro or not.

Here's what you can do on your Product Pages with Shogun:

  • Create anything in a codeless editor and develop a completely custom element using optional HTML/Liquid, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Optimize for page speed and launch your store with 30+ mobile-optimized page templates that incorporate the latest design best practices
  • A/B test landing pages, blog pages and product pages to understand which content will perform best on your site.


Next up, Junip. Reviews are absolutely crucial to any e-commerce site. After all how many times have you found yourself reading up on a product review to decide whether you wanted to buy something?

Did you know nine out of ten consumers read reviews before making a purchase, and 79% of shoppers say they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation? Simply, reviews can make or break your business.

We love Junip because they're a review app focused specifically on the product page. Junip helps merchants gather reviews and user-generated content and lets them be displayed on product pages all without any code.

There are two main parts of Junip, one being displaying the review itself and the second part being campaigns to request reviews to make sure you have enough content to share on your product page in the first place. Both parts are essential in helping you guide customers into clicking "add to cart" and growing brand trust.



Unless you've been living under a rock, you may have heard of a little app called TikTok. TikTok is the new social media platform that is not only taking the world by storm, but has helped e-commerce brands grow. From the viral dance video clips to popular trends, video itself is not going anywhere.

Vimotia is capitalizing on this by blending video and product pages together. They're giving merchants the ability to add a video to their product page descriptions and images, which turns their content into a shoppable video.

Vimotia also has a TikTok like feature that allows customers to shop through video and the ability to swipe up for the next video.



Because Intelligence

Because is a female-founded Shopify app that's powering unique product page content at scale through customizable Pop Ups, Bars, and Banners. The best part is their app doesn’t require any code at all. 

Small Shopify stores without a dedicated developer (or stores just trying to avoid the costly involvement of a developer) use Because to display dynamic messages on their product pages, like stock information, shipping, promotions, reviews, social mission info, product details, and more.

By capitalizing on previously under-utilized real estate, you can create unique content across every single product page and increase both add to cart and conversion. 

Here are the main benefits of this app:

  • Reduce abandoned carts with the right information on the right product pages
  • Save time and money paying your developer to update site content- do it all without code.
  • A/B Testing to test one message versus another and reduce reliance on agencies


What's better than finding an app that you already use and love? Finding another app and seeing how both work seamlessly together! That’s Cartwheel, an app for stores who are already using Klaviyo for their emails on Shopify to let customers know when their item is back in stock.

As the global supply chain has caused delays and issues for some products and suppliers, "back in stock" notifications have never been more important to ensure your customers get the right information about products they’re shopping for.

Cartwheel is a Klaviyo integration that is designed to invisibly provide important missing functionality. After a five minute setup on Shopify, you never have to look at it again. Your email flows setup, triggers, and results will all be visible within Klaviyo, just like every other flow.

Here are the main benefits of this app:

  • Back in Stock flows are an essential part of a merchant's inventory management and in getting the right notifications in front of the right people. Cartwheel's "Back in Stock" flow takes the existing Klaviyo flow and makes it super simple to set up. Saving you the merchant's time and making the setup configuration easier.
  • Cartwheel's Low Inventory feature allows you to expand your email list by collecting email subscriptions from customers worried about when your product runs out of stock.


Mode Magic

Mode Magic is another great tool that gives product pages a unique look across your Shopify store. Mode Magic focuses on product badges that display quick information to customers, from labeling products as "trending" to "new arrival" to "voted best of" to necessary information such as "vegan."

Product badges are a great way to display quick information to customers and Mode Magic is an easy way to get that done without code. 

Here's how their app can help:

  • Add unique product badges, labels, animated stickers & icons to your product images.
  • Create product descriptive images showcasing a combination of product photos, feature highlights, and icons.
  • Quickly let your customers know the status of your products

Don't worry, we get the hustle and hard work of being a Shopify merchant. The long nights perfecting your site, the sometimes limited resources and the joyful sounds of a sale. 

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur, a business with a brick-and-mortar venturing into e-commerce, or just working on another side hustle with limited resources, we hope these six no-code apps for your product pages will make all the difference for your business. Go out and learn, grow and of course, take your product pages to the next level for maximum conversion!