Introducing: Exportable Metrics

Cartwheel's Metrics Tab unlocks Downloadable Back in Stock Reports

Data Diving
We've been having a blast talking with our new users and took note of a recurring feature request.
Your input drives our development decisions so we're happy to announce today that Cartwheel has a new way to view store level data. 

While our Back in Stock flow is natively integrated with Klaviyo, so its data is automatically stored and viewable within Klaviyo, our users can now view, sort, and export their data from inside Cartwheel via the Metrics Tab: 

The Metrics Tab gives a variety of ways to interact with your data:

  • Each column is sortable and the data can be selected from a custom date range of your choice. 
  • Products can be clicked to view a drop down menu showcasing the product's image and its associated emails. 
  • The display view can be toggled between a Variant Table and a Customer Table.

The Variant Table shows high level data about the product and the number of customers interested in its variants. This lets you see which sizes, styles, or types of your product that your customers are focused on.

The Customer Table focuses on showing customer level data such as their emails and subscription date. 

Both of these tables can be exported via .csv files for alternative uses.

Although most of our users prefer to see their analytics within Klaviyo, we've built this feature to accommodate those who need to see product level data outside of their email hub for fulfillment or operations purposes. 

We look forward to our exportable Metrics data joining some of your workflows, and as always we are eager to hear about other ways for us to improve your store's email marketing.

The Cartwheel Team