Restock Alerts for Every Shopify Theme

A Sampling of Cartwheel's Alternate Restock Button Positions

A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

As Cartwheel exits its public beta this month and introduces billing to new signups, we still want to offer a free plan for stores that are just getting started. 

We’ve released a series of button positions that work on any theme and any variant without needing support. Beginner stores that are sending less than 10 emails a month will be able to use this option for free on unsupported themes.

Letting customers opt in to automated restock notifications has become a core component of email marketing. Customers are ecstatic to buy a previously unavailable product, that much is clear from restock emails’ absurdly high open and conversion rates.

It’s such an easy way to improve a store that a slew of third party apps have entered Shopify’s app marketplace to facilitate sending these restock emails. Unsurprisingly, email platforms stepped up to the plate and included restock alerts as part of their core features.

All of these companies are tackling a big problem -- setting up restock alerts can be very tricky.

Here’s why, a restock alert consists of two components:

  • A frontend widget that lives on the storefront collecting emails, SMS and consent
  • A backend email automation that’s triggered when the product restocks.

Many stores want their restock buttons to live “inline” with the other checkout buttons, in fact it’s the status quo for where to stick them. Putting it next to the Sold Out button and variant selectors makes sense right? Here’s the catch -- what happens when the store’s theme rejects that widget's code? Each theme needs to have a pre-built custom solution for where to put the storefront’s button. 

Things get tricky quickly, especially when you factor in that there are over 80 distinct free and paid Shopify themes of which many have 3-4 different styles. These themes are made by a dozen different companies that each have their own quirks and differences. All told, there are over 200 functionally individual themes. That's where our new feature comes in.

Attaching our restock widget to the left, right, and bottom of the store serves two purposes: 

  • For our paying customers that need custom theme support, they can still collect customer requests in the day or two until we add inline support for their theme. 
  • For free users, they get to use our restock buttons that natively integrate with Klaviyo’s Back in Stock flow without needing any support from us.

Here is a sample button position:

They can also attach to the left, right, bottom left, and bottom right side of your storefront.

Now because of this universal solution, stores on unsupported and custom themes can start immediately collecting restock subscriptions. 

The Cartwheel Team