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Cartwheel's Viewed Blog metric allows for email marketers to combat iOS15 privacy restrictions

A Modest Proposal for the iOS15 Apocalypse: a Viewed Blog Metric

Survival Skills
While there won’t be any magic bullet to combat iOS 15’s consumer privacy changes, email marketers now need to find alternatives for gauging their audience’s attention. Resolving the hurdles that iOS 15 presents to accurate segmentation, list cleaning, and copywriting will be no small feat. Until standard procedures are established after the update is rolled out, there's an opportunity for savvy marketers to find competitive advantages for interacting with their subscribers.

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Cartwheel's Metrics Tab unlocks Downloadable Back in Stock Reports

Introducing: Exportable Metrics

Data Diving
We've been having a blast talking with our new users and took note of a recurring feature request.
Your input drives our development decisions so we're happy to announce today that Cartwheel has a new way to view store level data. 

While our Back in Stock flow is natively integrated with Klaviyo, so its data is automatically stored and viewable within Klaviyo, our users can now view, sort, and export their data from inside Cartwheel via the Metrics Tab: 

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What is Cartwheel?

Hi! We're a pair of Klaviyo fanatics that are iteratively addressing gaps in Klaviyo's current flows. 

Cartwheel is a Klaviyo integration that is designed to invisibly provide important missing functionality. After a five minute setup on Shopify, you never have to look at it again. Our flows’ setup, triggers, and results are all visible within Klaviyo, just like every other flow.

After speaking with digital marketing experts and merchants, we've compiled a list of features that are commonly asked for. 
So far we've built three of them--

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