A Modest Proposal for the iOS15 Apocalypse: a Viewed Blog Metric

Cartwheel's Viewed Blog metric allows for email marketers to combat iOS15 privacy restrictions

Survival Skills
While there won’t be any magic bullet to combat iOS 15’s consumer privacy changes, email marketers now need to find alternatives for gauging their audience’s attention. Resolving the hurdles that iOS 15 presents to accurate segmentation, list cleaning, and copywriting will be no small feat. Until standard procedures are established after the update is rolled out, there's an opportunity for savvy marketers to find competitive advantages for interacting with their subscribers.

In that vein, we're happy to announce Cartwheel's newest metric!

Introducing: “Viewed Blog”

This addition to Cartwheel lets Klaviyo users codelessly insert tracking code into all of their blog articles with one click simply by toggling it on in their Cartwheel Flow Library. 

Similar to our "Low Inventory" and "Price Drop" flows, after being enabled, Blog View populates a Viewed Blog metric inside Klaviyo. You can use Viewed Blog in combination with all of Klaviyo's existing functionality to drill down on targeting specific customers.

In light of iOS15's restrictions for email marketer's visibility, this tracking method will remain available and can help you continue to monitor your customers' interaction with your brand.

The tracking code sends to Klaviyo several data types associated with each visit such as the visitor’s ID, the blog’s image, its tags, title, and URL. You can then use Klaviyo's syntax to incorporate these data types into marketing emails.

Savvy Segmentation
To illustrate this, consider how this could benefit an apparel company looking to increase conversions for a particular shoe. You can set up a segment to send a personalized discount code to any customer that both viewed a blog with the "Shoes" tag AND browse abandoned a specific shoe. You're using a metric to identify your most interested customers and then converting their interest into sales. 

After iOS15, it will be difficult to differentiate between dormant accounts and customers that have opted in to Apple's privacy shield. Viewed Blog data can help verify customers that ought to remain on your lists. 

If you would like help setting up this metric you can refer to our help center or as always message us via the live chat in your Cartwheel dashboard and we'll do our best to assist you.
The Cartwheel Team