A Codeless Solution to Klaviyo's Back in Stock Flow

No Code, No Problem

Have you found yourself struggling to set up your Back in Stock Flow?

Maybe after getting it all to work, you realized that your popup doesn't quite match your store's theme or that your paid Shopify theme isn't currently supported by Klaviyo's default flow.

You're not alone, Klaviyo's back in stock flow can be tricky to get right. Over the last month we've been working to help create an on ramp for quicker installation of Klaviyo's Back in Stock Flow. 

We're proud to present you with a codeless version of Klaviyo's Back in Stock Flow that has flexible styling and can work with any Shopify theme.    

"Cartwheel's Back in Stock Flow is designed to be delightfully simple to set up and customize."

Our app integrates directly into Klaviyo so you still get to leverage all of their robust functionality. Once you've set up our integration, the rest of your time is spent entirely within Klaviyo.  

Quick Codeless Setup

Our app eliminates the need to inject code into your store. To set it up, just enable Back in Stock in Cartwheel and set up your flow in Klaviyo. Cartwheel automatically loads your theme's color scheme and connects with Klaviyo to populate your Back in Stock button. If necessary, you can use our flexible editor to further adjust the styling of the button and its modal popup to your liking.

We currently support the following features and intend on adding to them in the next few weeks.

Core Features:

  • Automatically load your theme's color scheme and font to both your button and modal popup
  • Two editors for further customization of your button and modal popup
  • A drop down menu to choose which of your Klaviyo lists to add these emails to
  • Option to hide the Sold Out button, showing just the Back in Stock button on your site

Future Features:

  • Modal fonts besides the theme's automatic choice
  • Support for obscure or very new themes that aren't supported by other providers. **If you provide us a .zip of your store theme, we can support any unsupported theme within 24 hours
  • Robust product and variant level data inside the Cartwheel dashboard
  • Exportable product level data with deeper analytics to help merchants that need operational information from their Back in Stock data
  • A UI to tag specific products to show the Back in Stock button on

As our app integrates directly with Klaviyo, our codeless flow has its results live in your Klaviyo dashboard and still retains your control of Klaviyo's customer targeting via segmentation and lists. 

If you'd like to use this codeless solution for Klaviyo's Back in Stock Flow, we are temporarily allowing stores to use it for free. You can find us on the Shopify app store here. As always, feel free to ask us for help at support@cartwheel.ai

The Cartwheel Team